Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Laser eye surgery side effects and other facts

Do you have vision problems? Do you want to reduce wearing your glasses or completely get rid of them forever? Is that even possible? Yes, it is. If you have ever wished to achieve an improvement in your vision, you have probably already considered about laser eye surgery. However, it’s not something that you do every day, so logically, you have to be well informed and prepared for what comes with choosing this option. You probably have many questions: How does laser surgery look; does it work; what happens during the procedure; how much does it cost; is it safe; and much, much more. And you have the right to know every single detail related to this crucial decision. Laser surgery has become a very popular treatment for many health issues such as removing wrinkles, sunspots, tattoos, removing hair, removing spine tissues, removing toenail fungus and many other conditions. The truth is that in many of these cases, laser surgery is not still proven as an entirely effective solution and many controversies constantly appear regarding its efficiency. However, when we are talking about eye and vision problems, we definitively step into the “laser surgery’s territory”, since this is the field where the laser is most successful and has shown greatest results. Because the most important question for anyone who will choose this solution would be what they should expect from it, we will see more about laser eye surgery side effects, as well as benefits.

Side effects and benefits of laser eye surgery

The advantages of this procedure are pretty clear, but let’s see what you should expect choosing this option. You should definitively hope on correction of your vision, which means that you will be less dependent on your glasses or contact lenses, or in the best case, you will throw them away! Laser eye surgery actually works – the statistics say that in 90% of the cases, patients have their desired vision back. Is not that awesome? Another huge benefit is the one that this surgery is almost completely painless, and there is no need for any recovery period since you can return to your normal activities the same or the following day after the procedure. But, let’s also see what you should scare off and learn the potential side effects of laser eye surgery.

The side effects you may want know

Most of the laser eye surgery side effects are related to the complexity of the procedure itself and certain problems that may happen when the surgeon cuts the flap in the cornea. Side effects caused by poorly performed laser eye surgery may affect the vision including fluctuating visions, seeing halos around images, glare, dry eyes or problem driving at night.


Knowing the laser eye surgery side effects and benefits would certainly help you make the final decision. Many times, the important decision does not depend on what the research says or what other people think, but only on you and your courage for taking the challenges.

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